Guide resetup Samsung clp 320 printer counters ~ red led turned on and off repeatedly

Reason Samsung clp 320 printer must to be reset:

– Samsung clp 320’s cartridge have a toner chip that was used to count toner coverage & to deliver bold or light printoutquality depending on Samsung clp 320 printer original printout design.

– Samsung printer toner chip contains counted restriction that was managed by Samsung. Following Samsung, if toner coverage is 5 percent, Samsung clp 320 toner cartridge chip is permit 3.000 – 15.000 pages.

 instruction reset counters Samsung clp 320 printer

– If Samsung clp 320 toner cartridge coverage is rather 7 percent -> Toner Page Yields are less than “3.000 ~ 15.000” sides If toner coverage is lower than 5%, Toner Page Yields are “3.000 to 15.000” sides That is the reason why bold printouts (high toner coverage) will make printer use out of toner faster.

– If Samsung clp 320 toner chip overload its counted restriction, Samsung clp 320 printer will be locked inspire of high toner cartridge.

What is message Samsung clp 320 must to be adjust?

  • Samsung clp 320 printer’s messages: red light blinking, imprinting.
  • Computer’s messages: empty toner, Renew toner, install toner, end of life change new cart , toner cartridge is not Install, Install the cartridge, toner exhausted.

Three repair Samsung clp 320 with imprinting error:

Have three correct to repair your Samsung clp 320 printer.

Way 1. Replace toner cartridge for Samsung clp 320 printer

– Samsung clp 320’s toner cartridge Pay about $85 – $201 depending on its supplier and manufacturer.

 adjust counter Samsung clp 320 printer by change new toner cartridge

– Replace toner cartridge seems to be suboptimal because when printers runs out of toner, we also need to replace toner cartridge => money wasting

Solution 2. Replace toner chip for Samsung clp 320’s toner cartridge

 change new toner cartridge chip for Samsung clp 320 printers

– Samsung clp 320’s toner chip price $5 to $24 depending on its supplier.

– Changing toner cartridge chips seems to be more optimal but when printers runs out of toner, we also must be change new toner chip.

Remedy 3. reset permanently Samsung clp 320 by using firmware reset

adjust counters Samsung clp 320 printers by firmware adjust

– Samsung clp 320’s reset software costs around $8 – $20 USD (almost Pay about $10)=> saving money

– adjust software automatically impacts to printers firmware so printers ignores paper counter. Therefore, there is not necessary to change toner chip, you just refill toner when it runs out.

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